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Public Cloud

Make use of our premium technology and save yourself the costs of acquiring and operating your own servers. We will provide the appropriate capacities for your databases and applications in our high-performance infrastructure.

Private Cloud

You want to run your applications on your own server, but do not wish to buy one? Then just rent a server! We will provide a separate Intel- or RISC-based server for your databases and applications.


Your technology is in good hands if you use our services. We connect your servers to our high-performance network and protect them against unauthorized accesses. If desired, our specialists will supervise your databases, web servers and operating systems around the clock.

What We Offer

PRODATIS provides innovative outsourcing concepts in its data center or realizes your “private cloud”. We offer flexible infrastructures like servers, storage and networks as well as software for SaaS processes. These can be adapted dynamically to the requirements of business or administration processes. The ability to run and manage entire processes is given as well. Some of the advantages of the cloud concept include quick implementation of new applications as well as demand-driven use of services. Companies and administrations no longer have to invest in the required IT infrastructure like servers, storage and network components.

Your Benefits

  • high flexibility at lower costs
  • demand-driven use of IT resources and appropriate billing
  • variable scalability
  • pre-defined services for server, storage and network
  • highest levels of security through operation in our certified data center
  • highest availability through several redundancies
  • secure and tested backup and recovery processes