The requirements for IT infrastructures are continually growing. In order to enable dynamic development for companies and follow changes of the markets, applications have to be offered in a flexible way.

PRODATIS offers end-to-end concepts for virtualization of servers, desktops and storage systems. The interconnected PRODATIS solutions ensure that your IT infrastructure stays as dynamic as your always-changing requirements. You will significantly reduce costs for hardware, personnel, energy and space. Simplify your physical and virtual components, centralize with tested concepts and design your IT in an efficient and cost-saving way.

Modernize your server structure at the same time by investing in powerful, central servers and storage systems. This will ensure higher reliability, availability and scalability. In addition, you will simplify maintenance and become more environmentally-friendly.

When designing IT infrastructure, new legal requirements and regulations have to be adhered to at all times. PRODATIS uses expertise and experience in ensuring IT is compliant with the law for planning and realizing virtualization projects.

What We Offer

  • comprehensive infrastructure designs
  • tested concepts for virtualizations
  • wide range of reliable server and storage hardware
  • competencies for virtualization technologies of different manufacturers
  • virtual environments in our own data center

Your Benefits

  • low operating costs
  • higher environmental compatibility
  • increased data security
  • central administration, backup & recovery
  • increased reliability and availability