“ELO ECM Business Solutions” with Expanded Functionality

ELO Digital Office is expanding “ELO Business Solutions”. The changes will affect visitor, invoicing and contract management as well as digital file management in administrations and provide standardized approaches as best practices. Thus, business solutions can be implemented quickly and made ready for the user. The creator of systems for enterprise content management (ECM) has optimized processes in the areas of evaluation, controlling as well as collaboration. In addition, possibilities of employee self service were added.

What all “ELO Business Solutions” have in common is a cockpit for controlling and the creation of various evaluations. The solution for contract management for instance supports the user in keeping an overview of all running contracts including the conditions and thus being able to keep payment and cancellation deadlines. Furthermore, correlations between different contracts are made clear using a timeline. An example here would be a leasing contract for an automotive vehicle that is linked to a limited employment contract and has to be terminated in time. For creation of contracts, collaborative functions are available. The document feed of component “ELO Collaboration” enables content- and document-based exchange and facilitates collaboration within the team. In addition, it displays the change history of a document and the related processes. Users can also subscribe to information now. This might be relevant for changes or updates to contracts.

The business solutions have also been adapted for employee self service. Previously, employees often only needed a part of the processes and not the entire functionality. Now, individual approval processes such as holiday requests can be displayed in one tile. This can be integrated into the Intranet or similar portals and be made easily accessible to the employees.