ERP / CRM with Oracle® E-Business Suite

PRODATIS has more than 10 years’ experience in consultation for the leading ERP/CRM software Oracle E-Business Suite.

Oracle E-Business Suite is a comprehensive set of applications that enables automation of daily business processes and functions. The solutions are available as individual modules or as the complete suite and support all business processes from supply chain management to human resources management, marketing and sales as well as customer service. The applications in Oracle E-Business Suite enable better evaluation and usage of information in the company, more efficient resource deployment and lower costs.

PRODATIS has extensive experience in introduction, training and operation of various Oracle E-Business Suite modules in R11and R12, among others in our own data center.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Oracle Order Management (OM)
  • Oracle Purchasing (PO)
  • Oracle Inventory (INV)
  • Oracle Work in Process (WIP)
  • Oracle Costing (CST)
  • Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Oracle Bills of Material (BOM)
  • Oracle Service (CS)
  • Oracle Financials
    - Oracle Receivables (AR)
    - Oracle Payables (AP)
    - Oracle Assets (OFA)
    - Oracle E-Business Tax (ZX)
    - Oracle Collections (IEX)
    - Oracle General Ledger (GL)
    - Oracle Cash Management (CE)

Additional modules for E-Business Suite by PRODATIS

Below you will find more information on our customized solutions for efficient control and comprehensive evaluation of Oracle E-Business Suite.


Enables electronic data medium exchange with the tax office and extracts tax-relevant data from the Oracle Financials modules. These are prepared for submittal to the IDEA software of the German tax authorities.

Open Posts Management
Individual reports offer a daily updated overview of open posts for accounting and optimally supplement the standards provided by the EBS.


Provides an overview of current order and delivery information to the distribution and dispatch departments in the company. All steps from order entry to handover to the logistics provider are monitored and displayed clearly in the dedicated JAVA application. Customers and suppliers can access the information over a web interface that contains its own user control.

Provides a comprehensive workflow for processing sales bonuses. Individual parameters for billing of bonuses can be stored for each customer, customer group or client and settled automatically. After approval of the payments, the information is submitted to the debtor interface and credit notes are created. Additional functions support the billing of commissions for sales representatives.

PRODATIS eBusiness Server
Web shop for Oracle E-Business Suite. Convenient management of product master data, product directories and catalogues as well as clearance for online sale. Supplements or partly replaces the product master data mask of Oracle E-Business Suite.

Warehousing and Dispatch

With the following applications, PRODATIS introduced an integrated dispatch solution for Oracle E-Business Suite in the release 12. All modules interlink optimally and serve to increase efficiency of the dispatch process.

PRODATIS PickRelease
Enables targeted control of order picking in a single application with optimal overview of all relevant information. The system gives suggestions for the allocation of available inventory to the open order positions. These can be accepted or customized to the individual requirements. After confirmation, the commission notes are created. All process steps that are relevant for retrieval in the EBS are finalized automatically via the interfaces.

The picking orders created with PickRelease are transferred to individual or groups of employees in warehousing and can be processed efficiently using handheld terminals from different manufacturers. The application further enables the removal, relocation or storage of goods via bar code and facilitates the inventory.

PRODATIS ShipConsole
Touch screen optimized JAVA applications for allocating the shipment positions to packaging components. Integrated label printing and interfaces for logistic providers and standard delivery companies like GLS and DHL ensure seamless procedures.

PRODATIS Loading List
Application for paperless receipt of shipment by the logistics provider that is optimized for mobile devices like tablets.

Shipping Display
Display panel for the state of order picking and packaging that is optimized for large displays of 42” and higher. An HTML 5 application uses data from Oracle E-Business Suite to show the number of picks and packaged and loaded weight per employee, group or department.

Enables automatic and legally-compliant storage of documents, e.g. archiving of an electronically signed loading list into a document management system. Comprehensive research functions as well as workflow with task assignment and automatic email notification facilitate the flow of documents and the storage within the company.


PRODATIS Manufacturing Cockpit
Offers users in manufacturing an optimized view of the outstanding manufacturing orders in connection with the respective demand and requirement fulfillment. Information about customer orders is taken from the order management in order to be able to react optimally to customer requests. Within the cockpit, manufacturing orders and the respective component allocation can be edited.

Hunting List
The extended shortage management serves as a communication tool between purchasing and manufacturing. Employees in purchasing can see which purchase items will cause a shortage in manufacturing. A workflow allows the manufacturing department to control escalation. Thus, effective communication between the departments is ensured and impending shortages that could lead to a production standstill can be avoided.


Automatic and Manual Sending of Document in Oracle Forms
Solution for automatic or manual sending of documents such as offers, order confirmations, orders, delivery reminders, invoices, credit notes, etc. from Oracle E-Business Suite via fax, email or printing function. Also supports legally compliant processes with digital signature.

Management of Text Blocks
Efficient management of lead and follow-up texts of the individual receipts in the respective languages in Oracle Forms.

Oracle Debtor Interface
Extracts information from invoices and credit notes from Oracle E-Business Suite. These can then be read by different accounting systems.

BEO Interface
This interface to software from Beo GmbH allows for creation of Atlas notifications regarding import and export to the German Federal Statistical Office.