PRODATIS has been working together closely with leading database manufacturer ORACLE for more than 10 years and is a certified Oracle Gold Partner. PRODATIS employees have many years of experience in handling Oracle products.

The current version Oracle Database 11g Release 2 contains innovative solutions to lower your IT costs and provide a higher quality of service. This is achieved through the following:

  • consolidating of business applications in fast, reliable and scalable database grids
  • maximizing the availability and usage of previously unused capacities in the data center
  • compressing data on cost-effective storage partitions for better performance
  • increased security in data protection and facilitating compliance
  • doubling productivity in database administration and reducing the change risk

Oracle Database is available in the following versions

  • Oracle Enterprise Edition – including additional options
  • Oracle Standard Edition
  • Oracle Standard Edition One

Which version is best suited for your company or public institution? We are happy to advice you!

PRODATIS provides the following services for Oracle Database:

  • consultation on software licensing
  • optimal hardware selection
  • installation and upgrade incl. cluster solutions (RAC)
  • security updates and tuning
  • training and workshops
  • remote management
  • application development
  • hosting / housing / operation in our data center
  • database in the cloud