IT Security

The aspect of security in regards to IT infrastructure has many facets. Security in IT not only means adhering to relevant data protection laws. There are also questions about encryption techniques, authenticity and integrity of data, protection from viruses, data storage as well as physical protection of infrastructure components and connected devices that have to be answered.

PRODATIS offers extensive knowledge and experience for your individual security concept. We will consider all security aspects regarding protection of IT investors, adherence to legal regulations, protection of company secrets and measures for protection against theft and loss of business-critical data.

What We Offer

  • security concepts for IT infrastructures
  • solutions for identity management
  • backup & recovery concepts and solutions
  • central spam & virus firewall
  • secure email communication
  • network security

Your Benefits

  • more control over your data
  • better protection of data and information
  • secure connection to the internet
  • secure cooperate network